I didn’t know I needed this sweet mint goodness until I tried it. It reminds me of Wrigley's Spearmint gum!!! I love the taste!! I feel mental clarity throughout the day, I feel more focused, and have MORE patience with my kiddo especially since I homeschool! I need all the tools I can get My sleep quality is amazing! I wake up rested and ready to GO! I feel happier, my mood is more stable and relaxed because I’m not on edge 24/7! I feel more like me! Throw some in my purse, and I get the right dose, anytime, and every time!

Ericka Bradley

I swear by my LivCana Energy!!! 1st thing in the morning, 2nd dose after lunch. I’m finishing more daily tasks while being able to focus & maintain energy better than anything I’ve ever tried! Take it with me everywhere! And of course, the wind down process w/CBD just before bed is like clockwork, giving me about 10-12 minutes to debrief myself from the day before a deeper sleep than before CBD!!

Jewelley Lumnz

My husband works a desk job and always has neck and shoulder discomforts. He’s been using just a tiny bit of this balm every night and is amazed at how great he feels! He’s not easily impressed so this is definitely the #balmdiggity

Alison Sturgis

My husband uses the balm and it helps so much with his elbow which he has a plate and screws from an accident. Winter is very painful for him but the balm helps him so much.

Dayna Krause